International Conference on Information Methods Quality Management and Research of Technical Systems

Increasing the effectiveness of scientific research & developing regional and international scientific cooperation
The conference is a platform of competencies, providing means for effective communication of the scientific and professional community, to increase knowledge in the field of quality management with the help of information technologies and technical knowledge, to help them in professional development. Young scientists are given a unique chance not only to improve their presentation skills and public speaking skills, but also to gain experience in independent scientific publication.
Information&statistical methods for solving quality management problems
The application of mathematical statistics methods is an effective way in improving the quality of products. It is necessary to develop modern information methods for solving statistical problems
Functional modeling to formalize the analysis of QMS processes
Development and improvement of well-known methodologies such as IDEF0, IDEF3 and so on
Active standardization through specialized software systems
Development and analysis of software components for solving quality management problems
Analysis of information in quality management
Big data and its processing to improve quality management processes
Organizing&Scientific Committee
Top Global Researchers
Dr. (Prof.) Yury Klochkov
Ph.D. (Prof.) Kumar Khatri Sunil
Amity University, India
Academician of RAS, Dr. (Prof.) Fedor Grechnikov
SSC RAS, Samara University, Russia
Dr. (Prof.) Lubisha Papic
Ph.D. (Prof.) Ilia Frenkel
Ph.D. (Prof.) Cordoba Maria del Pilar Rodriguez
National University of Colombia, Colombia
Corr.Member of RANs, Dr. (Prof.) Vladimir Kozlovsky
Magnitogorsk State Technical University named after G.I. Nosova, Russia
Last year's conference
Last year, the main topic of the conference was modeling of advanced structures, materials and technologies
Double-blind article review
Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University
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