III Quality Management and Reliability of Technical Systems

Increasing the effectiveness of scientific research & developing regional and international scientific cooperation
Ensuring the high quality and reliability of complex technical systems in the modern world remains the sharpest and most relevant topic. High dynamics of changes in technical products, such as automobiles, military equipment, marine vessels, electronic industry products, machine tools and equipment, dictates the conditions for revising methods and approaches to ensure quality, reliability and competitiveness. Serious changes in production technologies require a review of the fundamentals of statistical process control, since the effectiveness and efficiency of quality control methods aimed at directly influencing a technological operation remain in doubt.
New approach to methods of quality management
New methods development issues of quality management or their adaptation to the specific application are being discussed in this section
Optimization and intellectualization & Informational interaction in complex of technical systems
This section speaks about information and intelligent technology in quality and competitiveness improvement.
Modeling of advanced structures, materials and technologies
In this section we are going to talk about new technology, materials and constructions and their impact on competitiveness of products and organizations.
Reliability, efficiency and safety
The science of reliability issues and safe operating practices are being discussed in this section.
Quality in specific sectors and industries
This section talks about the quality management systems implementation into specific industries and organizations.
Quality Engineering and Management
This section shows the engineering methods and management methods, their limits of application and also the practicability and effectiveness of these methods.
Organizing&Scientific Committee
Top Global Quality Researchers
Dr. (Prof.) Yury Klochkov
Ph.D. (Prof.) Kumar Khatri Sunil
Amity University, India
Academician of RAS, Dr. (Prof.) Fedor Grechnikov
SSC RAS, Samara University, Russia
Dr. (Prof.) Lubisha Papic
Ph.D. (Prof.) Ilia Frenkel
Ph.D. (Prof.) Cordoba Maria del Pilar Rodriguez
National University of Colombia, Colombia
Dr. (Prof.) Polyakova Marina
Magnitogorsk State Technical University named after G.I. Nosova, Russia
Last year's conference
Last year, the main topic of the conference was modeling of advanced structures, materials and technologies
Accepted Papers
Modeling of advanced structures, materials and technologies
1. The Strength of the Hull on a High Longitudinal Wave

2. Research of The Driven Capacity of Pushers with Rubber Pads for Oil Equipment

3. Prospects for the Use of Computed Tomography for the Control of Integrated Composite Structures

4. Forming of Nanostructured Cu–Ni Coatings of Tool Steel H12M after Surface Machining Attrition Treatment

5. Investigation of Cracked Rotor Analytically and Numerically

6. Three-dimensional vibrations of wind turbines

7. Vibration Analysis of Skidding Tractor With an Operator During Raising–Lowering a Tree

8. Virtual Non-Contact Atomic Force Microscope

9. Perspectives of Application of Nanostructured Composites for New Diagnostic Systems for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

10. The Results of the Defect Formation Control in Welded Joints during Friction Stir Welding by Acoustic Emission

11. Area Determination of Correct Operation of the Vibrofuge

12. Design and Optimization of Discrete Powder Nozzle for Laser Metal Deposition

13. The Use of Artificial Intelligence to Control the Processes of Welding and Direct Arc Growth under the Influence of Disturbing Factors

14. Optimization of the Design of the Plasma Torch for Using Gas Fluxes

15. Increasing the efficiency of prefabricated drills and the strength of replaceable cutting inserts

16. Influence of the cross-sectional area of the shear layer on the distribution of the zones of tension and compression in replaceable cutting inserts

17. Simulation of aerodynamic wind protection of oil platforms workplaces

18. Modeling the influence of geometric errors of vertical-milling machines on the accuracy of the complex of treated surfaces

19. The formation of a variation method for calculating the accuracy of metal cutting systems

20. High-alumina slurry waste metallurgy aluminium alloys - complex modifier of heat-resistant and refractory composites

21. Experimental and numerical determination of the bearing capacity of the honeycomb panel with potted inserts when loading the panel in its plane

22. The nature of the metal-ligand chemical bond and the electronic structure of Be, Mg, and Zn acetylacetonates and hetero- and β-substituted analogs

23. Research of the possibility of producing finely divided materials from natural raw materials for reactive powder concretes by mechanochemistry

24. Determination of technological residual stresses in the surface layer of parts with thin-walled elements during turning

25. The Transformation of a Large Gas Bubble When Purging a Metal with a Gas Jet

26. Comparative evaluation of the saving of binder with fine ground slag

27. The role of chloride, oxygen and aluminum on corrosion resistance of coiled-pipes in tubular furnaces of oil refinery
Reliability, efficiency and safety of energy complexes
1. Using fuzzy binary relations to characterize total power-load curve

2. Optimization algorithm of thermal power plants repair conditions

3. Algorithm for computer-aided design of single-line diagrams of 35-220 kV switchgear with one working busbar system using "ORU CAD"

4. Methodology of synthesis of algorithms for optimal control of adaptive power supply systems with wind power plants

5. Application of algorithms with a predictive model in solving the problem of regulating the rotational speed of the wind turbine of autonomous wind energy converters

6. Study of the transients with the loss of field of the synchronous generator in the industrial electric power station

7. Usage of the influence coefficient during calculation of a nominal error of gas counters

8. Application of the coefficient of influence in the calculation of the relative error of gas flow meters

9. Actualization of the ensuring the repeatability quality problem of a car generator set in conditions of large-volume production
Quality engineering and management
1. Improvement of competitive edge of precast reinforced concrete by increasing the reliability level and quality control

2. Technological approaches to increase the quality of lightweight concrete based on hybrid binders

3. Applying the Six Sigma Methodology

4. Problems and perspectives of sustainable marketing development on the russian food market

5. Integrated management systems as a basis for sustainable development of the organization

6. Methodology for assessing the performance of the integrated management system

7. Choosing a quality management method

8. Vibrations in engineering systems

9. Risk management technique for the QMS processes at the university

10. Quality function deployment as a tool of risk management at early stages of an unmanned aircraft design

11. "Improving the process of setting-up the extrusion line based

12. on a systematic approach"

13. Game-theoretic approaches to modeling of resource allocation processes in conditions of global competition aggravation

14. Modeling of added value of high-tech industries based on aluminium

15. Formation of approaches to the value added distribution in industrial clusters

16. University risk assessment and management system

17. The development of active control to improve the efficiency of product quality problems solving machining

18. Application of qualimetry methods for quality assessment of production processes at components suppliers enterprises

19. Depreciation policy and depreciation fund as indicators of improving equipment efficiency

20. Assessment of the reliability of the locomotive based on statistical methods of quality management
Informational interaction in technical systems
1. Improvement of the consumers' satisfaction research technology in the digital environment

2. Quality management during the developing and implementation of the project of integration of automated information systems

3. Quality management of automated information systems in IT projects

4. Using artificial neural networks when integrating the requirements of standards for management systems in QMS

5. The introduction of information technology in business processes as a method of quality improvement

6. DEA-methodology for criterial evaluation of configurations of spacecraft for earth remote sensing

7. System for managing common information space of a machinery production enterprise

8. Quality management in optimizing software product profile

9. The level of generalized technology readiness of the Smart House automation systems

10. Information support for trade with the use of a conversion funnel
Quality in specific sectors and industries
1. Research of oil-based drilling fluids to improve the quality of wells completion

2. Research of technological properties of cement slurries based on cements with expanding additives, portland and magnesia cement

3. Fuzzy modelling for tasks of management of the agricultural-industrial complex

4. Enhancing of Operational Reliability of Catenary and Electric Rolling Stock Wire Connections

5. Development of uncertainty estimation procedure for measurement of nonlinear distortions

6. Natural cold milk cooling system

7. Method of cleaning from the carbon deposits of the surfaces of the elements of internal-combustion engines without their unbuttoning

8. Development of the process map "research and development" for agricultural organizations

9. Ranking assessment of the competitiveness of agricultural universities

10. Analysis of the publication activity of agricultural universities

11. Some features of chum salmon biology (Oncorhynchus keta) in Inya river (the sea of Okhotsk)

12. Methods for obtaining the feed additives from the starfish of the sea of Japan

13. The effects of vibration on viscoplastic dispersion medium by the example of lake sapropels

14. Research of stress and deformation of the foundation slab of the building taking into account anisotropic soil properties

15. The effect of structuring composite building materials

16. Features of application of bimoment theory of V.Z. Vlasov in the calculations of reinforced concrete bar structures

17. Thermal modification of high moisture round logs in the environment of saturated water vapor with simultaneous predrying

18. Improving the quality of pyrolysis products through preliminary thermal treatment of woody raw materials

19. Estimation of the influence of variations in the dimensional parameters car's generator active zone set of a on its technical characteristics, through elasticity coefficients (influences)

20. Influence of development conditions on qualitative indicators of Fungus Chaga

21. Actualization of the quality of production assessing problem at machining processes

22. Water vacuum-oscillating extraction of chaga
Ensuring the safety and environmental performance of technical systems
1. Development of laboratory techniques for assessment of operating properties of intumescent fireproofing coatings

2. Comparative study of corrosion resistance of sprinkler sprinklers of domestic and foreign production

3. Development of led-curable intumescent polymer coatings for fire protection of building constructions

4. Assessment of an occupational risk using injury safety indicators

5. Use of the logical-statistical model as a procedure for assessing occupational risks in the OSH management

6. Optimization of costs for labor protection of the enterprise

7. Calibration of sensors for measurement of high-density heat fluxes

8. Providing high speed drilling of boreholes with portable pneumatic rock drills in emergency situations

9. Fire technical properties оf intumescent and ablative fire resistant glass

10. Assessment of the maximum possible number of victims of accidents at hazardous production facilities for insurance purposes

11. Effect of coatings on the sprinkler deflector

12. Determination method of sprinklers with electrical activation in case of internal fire

13. The automated system of models of managment of information resourses of higher education institution

14. Coordination of special technical conditions for civil defense and protection in emergencies in Russia

15. Evaluation of the probability of correct positioning of the beacon and its motion parameters in passive search and rescue systems

16. Methods for assessing safe seniority in high noise conditions
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